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Do I Need Long-Term Care Insurance?

The downside of living longer is that some of those extra years will come with extra difficulty. We are likely to have trouble getting around, whether that means trouble operating the car safely, needing a walker or a wheelchair. We are likely to have trouble doing the laundry and the housework. Grocery shopping and cooking will become too burdensome. Even bathing, dressing and grooming; using the toilet and maintaining continence may well become a problem. You may be wondering, do I need long-term care insurance? Nearly 70% of us will need some form of long-term care.

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How an Elder Law Attorney Can Help When You Apply for Medicaid

Perhaps your situation is simple. You have no spouse. You have no children. You have no house, no car and no more than $2,000 in the bank. Your memory is intact and your mind is sharp: you can complete the Medicaid application all on your own.

But, what if your situation is less simple? You may need an elder lawyer’s help to get things done.

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DIY Probate?

Although in Texas probate can be relatively straight-forward, fast and cheap, who can be blamed for wanting to cut expenses further by doing it themselves?

Can you DIY probate in Texas? Maybe.

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Hiring People with Disabilities is Good Business

For years, companies have maintained low expectations about hiring people with disabilities. Most of these companies believed that employees with disabilities could not perform well in the workplace and that actively hiring them would drag company performance and profits down.

Thankfully, over time, many employers have come to understand that these perceptions are untrue. And new research strongly suggests that the opposite — that hiring people with disabilities is good for business.

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Telecom and Utility Fraud: Is That Bill Yours?

While many of us do not plan to borrow during retirement and so are comfortable opting out of credit card offers and putting a freeze on our accounts at the major credit reporting agencies, we may not even be aware of the potential for telecom and utility fraud. How can we attempt to prevent someone from installing Dish TV or a phone at our expense?

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Can Children Keep Elderly Parents Out of a Nursing Home?

Many children promise never to put their parents in a nursing home. Unlicensed board and care homes are the 21st century equivalent of poor farms. Nursing homes are often little better: underfunded, understaffed with no privacy, they offer almost no autonomy or attention to personal preferences. Medication errors abound. Even dentures go missing. Can children keep elderly parents out of a nursing home?

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Minimally Conscious State vs. Permanent Vegetative State

In 2002 a new medical condition was recognized, Minimally Conscious State. In one study, 41% of people receiving chronic care due to traumatic brain injury were found to be in a Minimally Conscious State. What if your loved one, diagnosed as permanent vegetative state, is actually in a minimally conscious state?

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