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Alzheimer’s or Dementia? Your Paperwork May Not Be in Order

Advanced dementia is one of the leading causes of death overall in the United States, specifically for those over age 65. Once dementia reaches the terminal stage, a senior is unable to communicate their desires for end of life. Some life prolonging therapies can make a dementia patient’s last days more painful.  Decisions should be made well in advance.

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The Most Dangerous Room in the House?

With hard floors, wet surfaces and small spaces in which to turn around, a bathroom can be the most dangerous room in the house. There are many relatively inexpensive modifications that can be made to make the area more safe for the elderly. Read more for tips.

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Where Do I Put Important Legal Documents?

You’ve just come back from the lawyer’s office or from a meeting with your financial planner or you’ve finally finished your tax return. Your dining room table is covered with paper. What do you keep? Where do you put all these important legal documents? Who do I give them to?

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