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Getting Help in Helping Our Parents

We want to help our parents, who did so much to get us started in life. But sooner or later most of us realize that we can’t do it alone. Whether we are far away, have other work and family commitments or simply need to sleep occasionally, we need help. That help may...

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Get the Facts: A Voter’s Guide to Health Care

Health care is routinely cited by voters as their top issue as they head to the polls. The midterms could help decide whether many Americans will have access to care and how much it will cost. Given that interest, it’s worth clarifying the record on these issues so voters are informed heading into the polls.

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Naming Your Beneficiaries

Most people go about this without giving it much thought, naming their spouse or naming their spouse and then their children in their wills and on the beneficiary designation pages of investment accounts and life insurance policies. Few people remember to check periodically. But peoples’ situations change. What considerations should you make when naming your beneficiaries?

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Can Lawmakers Fix Social Security? 8 Questions Answered about the Program

More than 175 million workers contribute to Social Security with every paycheck. About 43 million retirees collective benefits monthly. For three out of five older Americans, the Social Security check they receive is more than half their income.

As with every election cycle, voters get to make sense of the competing claims about the future of Social Security and the shortfall that is projected to occur in about 16 years.

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