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Why Senior Living Facilities Want to Check Your Genetics

We sometimes like to attribute our longevity to “good genes.” Since life expectancy in developed countries has increased by 25 years in the past 100, “good genes” may have little to do with it. But they do have something to do with the ills we experience. This may be why senior living facilities want to check your genetics.

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Don’t Send Your Kids to Jail! Plan Ahead for Medicaid & VA Rules

When we want to give our children a gift, perhaps in thanks for caregiving, the last thing on our mind is sending them to jail. But that may be exactly what we are doing. An elder lawyer can help you. By planning ahead and following VA and Medicaid rules, you can give your children gifts of love and still get the care you need. Find out more here.

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How to make Texas Community Property and Separate Property Work for You

With our longer lifespans, about half of us find ourselves in second marriages. Even those of us who do not marry again may have property we acquired before marriage or gifts or inheritances we received. In making an estate plan it is important to clarify what is community property and what is separate property. It is often not what we assume. How do you make Texas community property and separate property work for you?

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DIY Probate?

Although in Texas probate can be relatively straight-forward, fast and cheap, who can be blamed for wanting to cut expenses further by doing it themselves?

Can you DIY probate in Texas? Maybe.

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Charitable Remainder Trust: Charity Begins at Home

Many of us want to leave something to charity. Some of us are in a position to give a good deal. What if you could give in a way which benefitted the charity and left you with more than if you had held onto it? Under the right circumstances, a charitable remainder trust can do just that.

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Durable Powers of Attorney and Gifts

Whether we should or not, most of us name one agent, not co-agents, and name someone close to us, someone to whom we have given gifts in the past and someone to whom we may want to give gifts to in the future.

Our agent has a duty to put our interests first and to act in good faith with durable powers of attorney and gifts. How can this be done if the agent is, in essence, giving something to himself?

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