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Why Not Rely on Medicaid for Long-Term Care?

Although no one wants to go to a nursing home, 72% of us will need long-term care, 48% of us in a nursing home. Many people mistakenly assume that Medicare will cover this (It won’t) or that they can rely on Medicaid. Why should you not rely on Medicaid for long-term care?

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Avoiding Post-Hospitalization Syndrome

Are you more at risk for illness after you are discharged from the hospital? As anyone who has been hospitalized can tell you, a hospital is not a restful place. The stress and disruptions of hospitalization may accompany you home. What is post-hospitalization syndrome and how can you avoid it?

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Survival Rate after Intubation for the Elderly

We are often flummoxed when we are asked to complete an Advance Directive to Physicians or a Statement of Intent for End of Life or to write a letter of our wishes to attach to a Medical Power of Attorney. What do I want? In what circumstances? What would it mean? At what age and in what circumstances? These questions are important when considering the survival rate after intubation for the elderly.

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