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How to Gather and Organize Important Documents

How to Gather and Organize Important Documents

Which documents should you keep? Where should you keep them? And for how long? Who should have access to what? When? Just the thought of gathering documents, let alone organizing them, can be overwhelming – like having to prepare an income tax return. This article provides tips on how to gather and organize important documents.

VA and Medicaid Planning:  Why Use an Elder Lawyer

VA and Medicaid Planning: Why Use an Elder Lawyer

These days there are a lot of folks out there who say they can help you get VA or Medicaid benefits, or both, – for a fee. Sometimes those folks can help you. But if things go wrong, they have no malpractice insurance on which you can collect and no state bar you can complain to. Reasons to use an elder lawyer for VA and Medicaid planning.

Student Loan Repayment Problems

Student Loan Repayment Problems

The promise of additional education is alluring: your skills will be refreshed and improved and you will get a better job, earning much more money, or your child will get a better job and live an easier life than you have. With that promise comes the painful reality of student loans. What can we do when faced with student loan repayment problems?

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