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Resource listing for people with special needs and their families

Special needs resources, information and support can be frustratingly difficult to locate. Here are national, Texas and Austin area lists to help you begin. They are followed by a list of books. “Bibliotherapy” can be a great supplement to support groups and professional advice. No one has all the answers.  But we’re learning more every day.

Checklist for Special Needs Planning

A checklist to help with special needs planning for both today and in the future.

Permitted Distributions for Special Needs Trusts

A listing of generally permissible distributions from a special needs trust which will not reduce or eliminate SSI. Not an exhaustive list.

A Listing of Abbreviations and a Glossary of  Government Benefits for Special Needs

Abbreviations and acronyms used of government benefits for people with special needs to make terms easier to understand.

Special Needs Trust

Video with General Legal Tips for Special Needs Trusts

General Legal Tips for Special Needs Trusts

Click on image to watch video or click this link to watch on YouTube: Special Needs Trusts Video

It’s never too early to plan for your future.

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