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Can Children Keep Elderly Parents Out of a Nursing Home?

Many children promise never to put their parents in a nursing home. Unlicensed board and care homes are the 21st century equivalent of poor farms. Nursing homes are often little better: underfunded, understaffed with no privacy, they offer almost no autonomy or attention to personal preferences. Medication errors abound. Even dentures go missing. Can children keep elderly parents out of a nursing home?

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Minimally Conscious State vs. Permanent Vegetative State

In 2002 a new medical condition was recognized, Minimally Conscious State. In one study, 41% of people receiving chronic care due to traumatic brain injury were found to be in a Minimally Conscious State. What if your loved one, diagnosed as permanent vegetative state, is actually in a minimally conscious state?

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3 Great Places to Find Jobs for Seniors (Paid and Volunteer)

Now that we are living longer, we may wonder whether retiring at a “normal retirement age” of 65 or 66 or 67 is such a good idea. Some of us want to work longer and are able to do so. Some of us want a different kind of job, perhaps something less physically demanding, with shorter hours or less stress.
Read more for 3 online websites that aid the elderly with job searches.

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Impact of Hearing Loss on Quality of Life

Poor hearing and hearing loss is not just inconvenient; it’s an unmistakable health hazard. The impact of hearing loss on quality of life is substantial. Read more about what these studies have revealed in this New York Times’ article: Hearing Loss Threatens Mind, Life and Limb.

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When There is More Than One Unprobated Estate

Why Can’t Dinosaur’s Clap? This riddle usually elicits some head scratching. The answer is simple: dinosaurs can’t clap because they are all dead!

A similar situation arises when there is more than one unprobated estate. Until someone has inherited something, they cannot pass it on – let alone clap.

Read more for ways to handle the unprobated estates.

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