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Tips for How To Talk to Someone with Dementia

A person confronted with a loved one or friend experiencing dementia may be uncertain about what to say or do. What do you say to someone with dementia? How do you say it? What activities can you enjoy with someone with dementia? Read more for tips and ideas.

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How to Choose a Nursing Home or Assisted Living Facility

All too often the choice for moving to an assisted living facility or nursing home is made during an emergency. A hospital discharge worker calls around to see who will take a patient. The patient and her family seem to have little, if any, choice. But as anyone who has visited these facilities will tell you, they differ widely. Read more for information on how to choose a nursing home or assisted living facility.

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Getting Help in Helping Our Parents

We want to help our parents, who did so much to get us started in life. But sooner or later most of us realize that we can’t do it alone. Whether we are far away, have other work and family commitments or simply need to sleep occasionally, we need help. That help may...

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